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Kevin Green ‘Secret Millionaire’

Kevin Green Property ScammerThere is quite possibly a reason why this man calls himself a ‘Secret Millionaire’ and that reason is possibly because he is in fact NOT a millionaire. Mr Green’s financial records suggests a company wide Net Worth of just £272,677. A far cry from the self made multi-millionaire he claims to be.

In fact, Mr Green makes a lot of claims. He also claims to be a multi business owner, only for his director’s report to show 4 current directorships. 1 of which is for an online forum (not making any money) where he takes it upon himself to invite users to slate other businesses and… wait for it… ‘Property Fakers’. I hope everyone is seeing the irony here!

Mr Green’s financial records also show just 15 outstanding mortgages. Again, a far cry from the 400+ units he rams on about in his property meetings. This can only mean one thing… Either he owns them all outright, which is NOT the case, or he quite simply does not have that many properties. We all know it’s not tax efficient and EXTREMELY risky to keep them within a sole trading company right??? Or is this yet another one of Kevin Green’s magic wealth building secrets which we have to pay a bomb for?

The figures quoted are taken from CreditSafe, and I will provide full financial accounts to those who request them, via email. To request statements, please send us a message through our Facebook Page, where you can also be kept up to date and become aware of all other known and unknown property scammers


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